In 2002, the Food Standards Agency took 360 samples of rice labelled Basmati from major multiples and smaller groceries and discovered widespread food adulteration. Since then, certification has become stricter, but when food prices increase there is an increased temptation for unscrupulous suppliers to adulterate their rice with cheaper, non-Basmati rice. Tilda, however, has always had very strict practices, over and above what is legally required, to ensure that it only supplies Pure Basmati.


With the introduction of new varieties and look-a-like evolved Basmati varieties over the last decade, Tilda is addressing concerns among consumers about the authenticity of Basmati rice. Tilda’s highly skilled buyers can tell different varieties apart by grain. Scientific checks are then carried out at Tilda’s facility, Ricesearch, the world’s only molecular food authentication service dedicated to Basmati rice.

Our scientists at Ricesearch use DNA analysis to assess the genetic purity or otherwise of paddy samples. All Tilda Traditional Pure Basmati rice from across the growing region is tested, ensuring that every batch of Basmati Tilda buys is pure, because only Pure Basmati possesses the true Basmati characteristics – long slender grains with a delicate texture, delicious taste and tantalising aroma. We never compromise on quality.