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As a company working in India and Africa we can often have a big impact on the community, so we will always get involved where the need is greatest and we can make a difference. Since the beginning we have recognised that at the heart of Basmati farming is the community; we depend on and we strive to ensure that we give back to it too.


We helped establish a school for students from 5-18 years of age deep in the farmlands of the Haryana State that has achieved academic excellence. Star students have gone on to become doctors and the school is a source of pride for the community.

Similarly, when the people in Samana village not far from the Tilda rice mill needed to rebuild their temple that had fallen into disrepair, we became involved. We took the job on as a gesture of appreciation for their community’s contribution.

Tilda has donated rice to help disaster relief when needs arise, such as in the wake of the Asian Tsunami.


Since 2012 Tilda has partnered with the World Food Programe to help combat low birth weight and give kids the best start in life. To date over 1 million meals have been donated to mothers in Bangladesh.


Tilda’s employees raise funds for a number of different charities that they elect to support. Tilda was a founder corporate sponsor of the RSPB Reserve at Rainham.